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Lofire Box


You just need a little kindling to start your lofire.

Monthly Themes

Every month we target a different element of your homelife - Laundry, kitchen, etc - a full year is a full transition! Our featured green products and full-sized alternatives will change the way you shop!


products made in the USA

We are selective about our manufacturers. We make sure its made right here in the USA. Expect glass, and metal containers that will not leach chemicals like common plastics do. Please reuse our high quality containers.


Our packaging is 100% recycled material. We feature a recycled product each month savaged from a prior life as an otherwise landfill bound material. 

Green Alternative DIY 

Going green can help you save money! Keep your green cost down with our easy DIY Kits. We teach you how, and you take it from there.


organic ingredients

All our base oils and essential oils are organic. All oil labels indicate country of origin, part used, and how it was expressed. 



We source the finest ingredients for your green DIY so you can have a high quality end result and continue your green journey with a growing collection of quality essential oils. 

seasonal live plant

You also receive a plant in a handcrafted pot to purify your air!


Check out our un-boxings and see for yourself!

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